An inspired collection of innovative ideas to improve Life in the Great Outdoors for People & their Pets

HyperDog® 4-Ball Launcher

Hyper Dog 4 Ball Launcher High-performance retrieving toy for training and exercise. With ingenious ball pick-up capability, hands remain slime and dirt free. Constructed of top grade steel and sporting good tubing, balls travel up to 200 ft.

Mini-HyperDog 2-Ball Launcher also available.

Flying Duck Slingshot

Flying Duck Slingshot

Made of durable fabric, this thumb-released slingshot toy with squeaker travels up to 100 ft. when launched from the bungee neck. And it floats!

Pooch Post Swivel Tie-Out Stake

Pooch Post Swivel Tie-Out Stake

With a 360 swiveling head, the Pooch Post allows tangle-free range of movement. It's constructed of heavy metal to hold up to a 150 lb. dog, and the inner piece is removable for easy mowing.

WaterDog® Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

WaterDog® Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain WaterDog attaches easily to any outdoor faucet, and senses when dogs are within 3 ft., automatically turning on to provide fresh drinking water. The fountain shuts itself off when pets walk away. Adjustable height to suit any size dog. Dogs always have fresh water!

Sporting Dog First Aid Kits

Essential First Aid Kits for Sporting Dogs include all necessary emergency stabilization items especially needed for the Great Outdoors. Both kits come with Lifetime Membership to the Roam to Home® Pet Return Program and a 60-pg. Pet First Aid handbook.
Sporting Dog First Aid Kits

Coolaroo® Pet Bed

Coolaroo® Pet Bed

Unique from other pet beds, Coolaroo is a cot style design. Breathable knitted mesh keeps pets cool and dry, and the elevated structure promotes air circulation for comfort. The unique fabric is insect and mildew resistant, and the powdercoated lightweight steel frame is sturdy. Available in two sizes both 7" high.
Medium 43.4" x 25.6"    Large 51.1" x 31.5"

Big Ideas for the Great Outdoors

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NaturVet Natural Solutions to Pet Problems - 100% Money Back Guarantee GrassSaver® Biscuits and Chewable Wafers

GrassSaver® Biscuits and Chewable Wafers

Stop yellow spots on the lawn with this healthy food supplement. A synergistic combination of B-Complex vitamins and amino acids neutralizes dog pH and saves lawns from spotting.

Yard Odor Killer

Yard Odor Killer

Safely and effectively removes stool and urine odors. Attach to garden hose and spray on any outdoor surface such as grass, plants, patios, kennels, fences and dog runs. Concentrated refill available.

Off Limits!™ Repellent

Off Limits! Repellent

Natural pet repellent contains a special combination of natural herbs to keep pets away from treated areas. Scent is not offensive to humans. Non-staining in an easy to use spray, Off Limits! is safe for grass, gardens, shrubs, sand boxes, patios and outdoor surfaces.

Quiet Moments® Calming Aids

Quiet Moments® Calming Aids Help support the nervous system in reducing stress and tension.
Great for Traveling Grooming
Thunderstorms Fireworks

Chewable Tablets For Dogs
Gel For Cats

Big Ideas for the Great Outdoors

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Pup-Head Indoor/Outdoor Portable Dog Potty

Pup-Pads Reusable Absorbent Pads Lightweight and portable, Pup-Head features a mat and tray system that looks like real grass. Mat is made of antibacterial, porous artificial turf and is treated with an organic attractant sensed only by pets. It sits atop a plastic riser that allows liquid to drain into the plastic tray for easy cleanup. Great for puppy training, patios, balconies, RVs, boats and travel.
20" x 30" x 2"

Pup-Pads Reusable Absorbent Pads

Made with micro fine fibers and antimicrobial technology, these specially designed super absorbent pads fit the Pup-Head holding tray and are guaranteed for 300 washes.

Skamper-Ramp® Portable Plastic Ramp

Animals take the easy way out of water with this lightweight, portable plastic ramp. Approved by the American Pet Association, Skamper-Ramp accommodates animals up to 200 lbs. For use in pools, both installed and above-ground, docks and boats, it protects animals from drowning by allowing them to exit water unassisted. Available in two lengths.
25" x 13" x 6.5"    40" x 13" 6.5"
Skamper-Ramp® Portable Plastic Ramp

Big Ideas for the Great Outdoors Dayton Valley Turf

Add to that an impressive selection of organic based and conventional fertilizers and soil amendments, combined with Dayton Valley Turf Expert Advice, and its easy to see why we grow business everyday!

Emerald Blue

Emerald Blue Logo Our signature Kentucky Bluegrass blend, drought-tolerant and hearty.
Its the Blue That Stays Green All Nevada Summer.

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Emerald Blue Grass Patch Kit

Fast patch for brown spots in the yard. Combines Emerald Blue grass seed with MRoots organic fertilizer to effectively repair existing spots, including those from dog urine.

YARDMASTER Consultation Package

Consultation Package

The best way to ensure the success of new sod is to enlist the help of a Dayton Valley Turf Expert to:

Call 337-2992 for YardMaster Consultation Package details, and to schedule an appointment.

Get It Right The First Time Guarantee

Get It Right The First Time Guarantee

Dayton Valley Turf backs our work with our exclusive Get It Right The First Time Guarantee. We are committed to providing the Right Price, Right Quality, Right Soil Preparation & Maintenance, Right Delivery & Follow-Up, Right Service...Guaranteed.